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Miss Make

Looper Quilt Pattern - by Miss Make (Paper version)

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Looper Quilt Pattern - by Miss Make (Paper version)

LOOPER is a unique quilt pattern with modular blocks, meaning they can be rearranged in any direction to create a continuous design. Follow the baby, throw, and queen layouts above, or get creative and come up with your own version. For custom designs, see instruction booklet inside for info on determining yardage needed.

Note from shop owner: I strongly recommend using fabric glue that dries clear and washes out to glue the ENTIRE curved stripes together (in the seam area) before sewing them. Then, make sure you have a 1/4” seam as you sew. Match stripes to block template as you go to ensure you stay on track. I also compared my curved stripe piece to the template to ensure it was cut accurately as well before sewing it. (Fabric glue stick not included in kit.)